Mark Green

Lead Pastor

Pastoring is one of the most challenging and yet the most rewarding of all vocations.  On the one hand, every message is the most important and people's lives depend on it.  On the other hand, I'm just a seed scatterer.  And the fruit of that all-too-important message may take a while to show up.  But I am confident that God will have His way if I remain faithful. 

It is not my job to make people do right.  Rather, it is my privilege to lead people down a peaceable path to truth.  I am here to challenge and to dig out the lies that get stuck in people's ears.  And I am here to reassure the people of God's commitment and His love for them.  I consider it a great honor to serve God by serving His people.




Kathy is a true defender of the faith.  Energetic and plugged into the Holy Spirit, Kathy preaches and teaches the word to inspire and provoke people into action.  Kathy has been a worship leader, a soloist, a prayer warrior, and a standard bearer through her years at EGL. 

Currently Kathy teaches the word on EGL Wednesdays along with her husband Pastor Gene Kinslow.  Kathy believes strongly in being connected to God and hearing His voice and doing His will.  She is never willing to settle for some form of religion or religious activity, but rather seeks to invite the presence of the Lord into every worship and word experience.

Kathy has given her life to prayer and the building together of God's people in the church.  Her commitment shines through every time she speaks. 



Gene is the practical, down-to-earth teacher that keeps everything in perspective.  Gene's humor takes the bite out of truths that are hard to hear.  And Gene's systematic and thorough approach makes it easy to remember the word for many years.

Gene has been worship leader, builder, teacher and preacher during his years at EGL.  His faithfulness to the church, to his wife, and to his family is a shining testimony of the work of Christ in his heart. Gene is a living example of a true believer.

Gene would not be one who says that he is noted for singing.  But when Gene sings "Lord, shine your light all around me" you can tell he knows what it means to be in the presence of the Lord. 


Pastor & Daycare director

Shirley is the diligent, hard-working pastor who keeps the lamp shining in the night seasons.  Shirley serves tirelessly making fellowship dinners a real treat, playing the piano for worship, leading the women's group, and directing the Day Care. 

Shirley always has a smile and a gentle answer.  She shares her own heart and reveals real life experiences when she teaches.  Her message always comes with a gentle nudge to keep pressing forward and to do the things you know to do.

Shirley believes in looking for opportunities to serve and then fulfilling them!  In fact, you can hardly get Shirley to slow down enough to be served herself by others.  She is truly dedicated to the goodness of others.


Pastor & worship leader

Jeana is the devoted worshiper.  Jeana may lead you into worship with her anointed touch on the violin, or she may lead you into a deeper singing experience by her ability to wait before the Lord for the heart of worship songs that it takes to get there.

Jeana always encourages those who serve by building up and helping to cement the bricks with tempered mortar.  Jeana is faithful to EGL and committed to success in the building of the Kingdom of God.  If church is happening, Jeana will be there fulfilling her calling.


Pastor & worship leader

Matt brings innovation to worship at EGL.  Constantly seeking to better his own contribution, Matt searches out and introduces cutting edge worship music.  His discipline and dedication have inspired us all during many difficult times. 

Matt is also a regular speaker at EGL, teaching with understanding and clarity topped with a little bit of humor.  Matt brings the exuberance of youth and challenges the congregation to keep moving forward.


worship leader & children's pastor

Rachel serves as a worship pastor and drummer at EGL.  Rachel is very passionate about worship.  Helping people to experience God's presence is her primary goal. 

Rachel is also involved in welcoming newcomers to church.  She has that knack for making everyone feel at home at EGL.  And Rachel has a real vision and a care for those who are hurting.


worship leader

Pastor Jessica serves on the worship team at EGL.  Jessica plays guitar and also sings.  Worship is her passion and you can certainly feel it in the music when she plays.  Jessica is devoted to leading the congregation into the presence of God through her worship.