When did it all begin?

A humble beginning for Everlasting Gospel Lighthouse took place in October 1974 when founding Pastors John and Gerry Harrell bought what used to be an old gas station merged together with two military barracks to form the old Oakdale Christian Church. Their dream was a place of worship, free from denominational barriers, for those who sought more than just a program or religious routine.

One of the biggest highlights of our early church days was the church choir. Much of the time there were more people in the choir than in the congregation. That's because a first visit to the church was often greeted with an immediate invitation by the pastor to join the choir—NO AUDITION NECESSARY! Music became an essential element of EGL worship from the beginning and continues to be at the forefront today. Our outstanding worship team leads the congregation into the presence of God every time we gather together.

EGL has a faithful team of Bible teachers and group leaders who seek to contribute to the spiritual growth and maturity of its congregation while remaining relevant to the present times that we live in. Our mission is to SERVE our community with the love of Christ and to welcome those who are seeking God into a fellowship of believers who will grow together spiritually.

Why do we...?

stand to sing?
           We stand before the majesty and greatness of our Creator, the true and living God who is worthy of our
           highest honor and respect.  II Chronicles 20:19, Revelation 7:9-10

clap our hands?
           We clap our hands together in recognition of the victory that is already won for us as God's people.   We
           celebrate together with God as He liberates us from the slavery of sin and it's destructive force in our
           lives.  Psalms 41:1, Ezekiel 21:14

lift our hands?
           When we lift our hands, we are responding to God.  We are saying that we are committed to the One we
           worship and we bless Him because He has made Himself approachable through the death of His Son
           on the cross of Calvary.  Psalms 63:4, Psalms 134:2, I Timothy 2:8

praise God aloud?
           We are commanded by God in the scriptures to praise Him aloud through songs, and hymns, with our
          voices.  Over and over again we are reminded of the strength and majesty of God and of His
          greatness.  He is from everlasting to everlasting, the anchor that will never fail us.  He deserves our
          highest praise. Psalms 66:1, Psalms 81:1, Psalms 95:1-2, Psalms 98:4, Psalms 100:1

sing choruses and hymns?
          Singing reinforces and invigorates and encourages our inner man.  Music can drive away unhappiness
          and revive us and refresh us.  Ephesians 5:18-19

speak in tongues?
          God has given us a prayer language that Satan cannot penetrate.  Speaking in tongues builds us up on
          the inside and gives us courage to go forward with God's plans for our lives.  Jude 20, John 21:18

have musical instruments?
         The greatest worshipper of all times was King David, a man after God's own heart.  He crafted a
         multitude of instruments for worship.  And in the Psalms, he commands that the instruments be used
         for worship.  Psalms 150:3-5

all pray at once for specific needs?
          Since it's beginning in the book of Acts, the church has had real power in agreement.  The prayer of
          agreement  is most effective when dealing with a strong enemy.  Acts 4:24